<a title="SD-WAN Security Implications" href="https://www.extnoc.com/sd-wan/security-implications/">SD-WAN Security Implications</a>

Security Solutions
Cyber-attacks from hackers and state actors have become more prevalent in recent years, and businesses need their networks secure from outside threats. The security solutions of traditional WANs are difficult to manage because of the layers of underlying software being utilized through a non-friendly virtualization environment.

IPsec is an integrated solution for the SD packages that provide end-to-end encryption between locations. Most of the SD solutions that are offered on the market should ideally include IPsec and next-generation firewalls (NSFW) as part of the cyber defense package. However, they should not be the only things that organizations should rely upon in order to maintain a solid security profile.

5 Common Security Mistakes that Need to Be Addressed
SD-WANs are still relatively new and hasn’t been fully embraced by industries yet. The top issue that organizations demand to be addressed is security, as often insider threats and outside entities will find ways to compromise the network. Here are 5 of the common security mistakes that are encountered when executing a software-defined approach for your network and how to prevent them from happening to your organization:

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