Trading company
A trading company is a company that specializes in buying and selling products, acts as an intermediary between manufacturers and customers and organizes the delivery or launch of the products in a specific market.

As the entities that ultimately deliver the goods to the customer, retail companies also set up shops and warehouses in order not to become dependent on a manufacturer's ability to deliver products on demand. Another peculiarity of trading companies is that they usually act as a point of sale for a number of manufacturers; that is, a point of sale sells goods made by several companies. While not required, in practice a store that sells only one manufacturer's products is very likely a point of sale from that manufacturer and not a trading company. In addition, trading companies can initiate all procedures necessary for the delivery of goods, including procedures for international trade.

Depending on the business, a trading company can act as either a retail seller, a wholesale business, or a combination of both. A retail company sells products to end customers, usually in comparatively small quantities. A wholesale company is aimed at other companies (including other trading companies) and usually sells products in large quantities for further distribution, e.g. in retail stores.

Consumers desire to use a large variety of customer technological know-how devices, and they don’t prefer to be confined to the usage of units from one precise vendor (some smartwatches can only be paired with the identical vendor’s smartphone).
Functions of a trading company
The functions of a trading company depend on the particular line of business in which it operates, but generally include the following:

Vendors of IoT units want to amplify the range of technology ecosystems into which their units can be integrated except foremost effort.
Purchase of goods from manufacturers
Sale of goods to businesses and consumers
Store goods for sale
Allocation of goods in a retail chain
Establishment of storage facilities and sales outlets
Management of international trade
Make logistical arrangements for the delivery of goods
In general, the main function of a trading company is to source goods from manufacturers and deliver them to customers. In this context, a trading company can take on all the tasks required for this purpose. You may also be involved in the negotiation and use of land grants, which allow a company to own, manage, and develop a property, including land and buildings. Of course, this is an additional option for a trading company as a legal entity and not an essential business function or duty.

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